About me:

Hello, my name is Luka Jovanović. I am a Computer Science student at Northeastern University’s Khoury College of Computer Sciences, where I am pursuing a Master’s degree with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. Presently, I am engaged in research within three distinct labs: the High Performance Computing (HPC) Lab, the Machine Learning Lab, and Califano Lab at Columbia University. My work at the HPC Lab focuses on developing innovative model checking methods for multi-threaded programs. Concurrently, in the Machine Learning Lab, I am involved in the design and implementation of advanced machine learning models for protein sequencing. This work encompasses advanced data analytics and predictive modeling, aiming to unravel complex biological patterns and make meaningful contributions to bioinformatics. At Califano Lab, my research centers on computational methods for single-cell RNA sequencing to enhance precision therapy in cancer treatment, involving the development of sophisticated algorithms and the application of advanced techniques like ARACNe and VIPER to uncover key regulatory networks.

My journey into machine learning began with an appreciation for its intricate mathematical underpinnings, fostering a deep interest in theoretical machine learning research. However, as my knowledge in the field expanded, I became captivated by the transformative potential of machine learning in biomedical research. I am particularly drawn to its applications in oncology, especially cancer immunology. This research area resonates with me on a personal level, fueling my drive and passion to leverage my computer science expertise in spearheading significant biomedical research projects. The prospect of my work contributing to advancements in human health—a paramount aspect of life—is something I take great pride in and am passionate about. With these motivations at heart, I am eagerly looking forward to starting my PhD in this domain in September 2025.

Apart from my academic and research endeavors, I am also deeply devoted to athletics. I have had the esteemed privilege of representing Serbia as a golfer on the national team for a decade, an experience that has profoundly shaped various facets of my life.